Can you make a living through sports betting?

  1. Can you make a living through sports betting?

Yes, if you carve out a specialist niche, hold lots of different betting accounts and bet strategically using an appropriately funded betting bank at favourable odds. Do all this and you can beat the bookies and make your living from sports betting.

I know a number of people that do and have done for many years. However, it isn’t easy money and it takes a particular kind of personality to succeed. The key is specialisation, understanding the probabilities and betting whenever the chances of an outcome in your favour are greater than the odds on offer imply. Once you can do that consistently, you can turn over your bank again and again ad infinitum taking a small ROI off the top based on turnover.

The other way to do it is to bet big and infrequently really hitting home your advantage when you spot. But, this isn’t as easy to do as it sounds and it is a real test of will to remain disciplined and bet big but very infrequently.

It is certainly possible to make a nice second income from betting with a bit of care and attention. But it depends on your temperament and a bit of hard work.

It isn’t easy money and there are no shortcuts but it is possible.

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