First Time Blinkers On The Flat

First Time Blinkers On The Flat by David Renham With the flat season gathering pace, I have decided to look at horses that are blinkered for the first time. There are numerous ideas why horses are given blinkers to wear. These include: -         To try and get the horse to concentrate as some horses get distracted by the other runners in a race; -         To help … [Read more...]

Secret Betting Club Preview

If you are interested in making money betting then the revamped Secret Betting Club (SBC) service will be right up your street. In an exciting development, all SBC members now receive TWO dedicated betting magazines – one for Sports Betting and one for Horse Racing, full of must-read information. So whatever your betting preference be it Football, Horse Racing, … [Read more...]

The Insider’s Guide to Successful Football Betting

Until recently, John was a senior football odds compiler working for a major high street bookmaker. Having left his position to follow his dream of betting on football and racing full-time, John continues to work in the betting industry on a consultancy basis. As a long-time friend of, John believes that what separates the organised professional bettor … [Read more...]

Know Your All Weather Race Types

Know Your All Weather Race Types by David Renham This is the second article in a series of three all weather articles – the first being on southwell Sires In this piece I am going to look at specific race types in attempt to help you, the reader, gain that important edge over “the crowd”. Many punters are put off the all weather due to the general standard of racing – … [Read more...]

Fotball Bet Types Explained

You can bet on just about anything happening in football these days. Goals, corners, bookings, correct score, first scorer, players to score hat tricks, to be subbed, to be playing for a different club in six months time.....etc However, many of these markets have large profit margins built in by bookmakers making it extremely difficult to make money from them. In this … [Read more...]