PunterProfits Service Review

Punter Profits is a service we've been monitoring here at Progambler since December 2006 a period where it has shown to offer real value for money and good profits for its members. If you are looking to simply dip your toe in the water or add something new to your existing portfolio it is definitely worth thinking about. ProGambler.co.uk - PunterProfits Basic Service … [Read more...]

Personal Info Review

Personal Info Update 27th Jan 2009 Back in July 2008 we introduced you all to Kevin Mather's premium racing service Personal Info, a service we've been greatly taken by since initiating proofing of them in August 2007. Six months on, we feel it is time for an update and the good news is that Personal Info have maintained the solid, consistent form they showed over their … [Read more...]

The Mathematician Progambler Report

Boasting a profit on investment figure of 31 per cent, Observer Tipster Survey Profits of £5,128.75 and a strike rate of 17%. The Mathematician aka Guy Ward had every reason to be pleased with his performance under the glare of public scrutiny back in 2005/06. Nothing stands still in the world of betting however and, two years after my initial research began, Ward is … [Read more...]

Equine Investments Review

Equine Investments Progambler report 26th April 2007 Now posted: the first report from year two. We’ve been promising you regular updates on The Observer/Progambler Year Two tipster stable for quite some time now but with the additional commitments and admin that come with monitoring a greater number of services it has taken  a bit longer than expected to pull … [Read more...]