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Equine Investments Progambler report 26th April 2007

Now posted: the first report from year two.
We’ve been promising you regular updates on The Observer/Progambler Year Two tipster stable for quite some time now but with the additional commitments and admin that come with monitoring a greater number of services it has taken  a bit longer than expected to pull together.

We’ve also taken the decision to deal with each service on its merits, as opposed to lumping everything together is we did in The Observer reports. It’s a simple function of having more space on the site.

Anyway here is our first report, on Equine Investments, it may not be a service many of you will have heard of but it is definitely a service that enjoys a good reputation in the right circles. We’ve also included a strictly limited membership deal for anyone on the Progambler mailing list (or their friends) and it is our intention to offer regular deals and promotions on services we are monitoring and books and products we have road-tested and like.

As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Equine Investments Progambler report 26th April 2007

Having been monitoring Equine Investments for the last ten months I am really looking forward to them re-starting their service again after their break between the all weather season and the flat proper reaching full cry in May.

Equine Investments is a flat racing only service covering both the turf and all weather seasons. It is the brainchild of Laurence Lambourn, a professional gambler based in the North West and his business associate and fellow pro gambler, Tim.

It is also one of the only services I know of that offers a profit guarantee – in this case, a guarantee of 20pts profit for the flat season and 30pts profit annually. Membership is extended free of charge until the profit target is met to level stakes.

During the period I have monitored – July 14th 2006 up to 21st March 2007 (the service starts again on 1st May to coincide with the turf form settling down), Equine Investments recommended 186 bets. They have had 39 winners (a strike rate of   21%). Winners were recommended at odds of between 8/5 and 14/1 (x2). Most of the bets fell within the 9/2 to 12/1 range.

Their longest winning run was 3 selections (x3), their longest losing run was 17 consecutive losers (with 14 losers x 2 in two other losing runs). There are very few favourites selected and no odds on recommendations during this period. They recorded profits of £5,180.46 to £20 per point at recommended stakes using a staking system of 2-10 points. The maximum bet placed in this period was 5 pts win (regularly).

Their Profit on investment of 43.28%. According to their website they have achieved annual return on investment figures between 28.69% and 50.32% in each of their five years in business. On the basis of my experience to date, I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of these figures or the integrity of this service.

Laurence started punting full time in 1999 after he accepted a voluntary redundancy that allowed him to put his betting on a professional footing. A former Senior computer operator with Lloyds TSB, unsurprisingly his approach combines database-derived racing research with video form analysis, race reading, traditional form work and an interest in pace and draw bias advantages for runners. Like Steve Lewis Hamilton for example, Laurence’s selection process begins and ends with his own set of prices which he compares against available bookmaker odds to inform his bet and stake selection. Most weeks he recommends between 5-10 bets with no bet days relatively common.
Laurence says: “The main thing you are paying for is my ability to accurately assess horses’ chances with my own prices, quality research – using data and techniques that market forces rarely take into account – and the simple hard slog of endless form work, video analysis and in some cases 16 hour days spent studying the following day’s cards.”

The bets are delivered generally in two daily emails sent early and around midday (clients can also access the bets on a national rate call line or by free text messages if preferred). Laurence concentrates 90% of his betting on handicaps that are priced up early by all the major bookmakers and the instructions are concise and easy to follow featuring a selection, time, meeting, a stake and the recommended best price odds. The second email provides any additional bets (if any) and the rationale behind the day’s selections.

I particularly value the ease of use and the transparency of this service. Laurence was recommended to Progambler as a genuine and professional operator and I am happy to say this has been my impression of this dynamic and so far, profitable service,

As a service very much focussed on its clients, Equine Investment keeps a smaller membership than many services. Laurence’s primary concern is that for services with hundreds of members it is well nigh impossible to get bets placed at the recommended prices.

Certainly, more than any other service I am monitoring Equine Investment’s selections appear to regularly become the subject of major gambles as the day progresses.

As a slight negative, anyone considering this service would probably need to ensure that they can firstly, take advantage of early prices (within 30 minutes of the bets being released) and also, that they have access to accounts with a portfolio of different bookmakers as those best prices invariably do not hang around for long. It should certainly make all the difference profit-wise with some selections sometimes halving in price over the course of a few hours. The upside of this of course, is that you do have confidence that the horses you back on their recommendation are fit and fancied.

Website: http://www.equineinvestments.co.uk
Current Fees :

Unfortunately membership for Equine Investments is officially closed.

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