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Personal Info Update 27th Jan 2009

Back in July 2008 we introduced you all to Kevin Mather’s premium racing service Personal Info, a service we’ve been greatly taken by since initiating proofing of them in August 2007.

Six months on, we feel it is time for an update and the good news is that Personal Info have maintained the solid, consistent form they showed over their first year with us.

You can see the current scores on the doors summarised below:

Total points staked = 2,331 pts

Advised Price Return = 2,690pts

Sp Return = 2,433pts

Advised Profit = 359pts

SP profit = 102pts

% ROI advised = 15.4%

% ROI SP = 4.3%

No tips = 345

level Stake Profit = 73.29 pts

% ROI Level Stakes = 21%

Average points per stake = 6.75 pts

Average stake profit = 494.7pts

NB We find the Average Stake stats particularly useful as they give a good indication of level stakes profitability when betting at a stake level equivalent to a service’s average stake per bet. As such, they are a great guide in terms of finding your own personal staking levels with a service.

In our initial report covering 1st August 2007 – 21st July 2008 Personal Info recorded profits as follows:


Adv Pt





% Ret on Invest


Lev Stake 1pt


Av Stake


Adv Price

SP Price

Adv Price

SP Price

Adv Price

SP Price



% Ret



Personal Info













In the interim, July 21st 2008 – January 24th 2009 they have staked an additional 697pts over 108 selections, returning an additional profit to advised stakes of 85pts.

The percentage return on investment figure of 15.4% to advised prices is pretty much consistent with the 16.8% equivalent figure recorded in July, which again is very reassuring. As our initial admiration for Personal Info grew from their consistency of returns and low volatility in terms of losing runs, the latest figures confirm our original conclusion, namely: Personal Info isn’t cheap, but it does appear to offer a solid prospect of long-term profits – especially for clients prepared to invest with a decent-sized betting bank.

Over all Personal Info have much to recommend them. A low level of volatility and a regular flow of winners will be good for most punters’ pockets and ongoing confidence.

The profits also look attainable – especially for those taking a ‘middle-ground’ level average stakes approach.

The workload involved is pleasingly low and should fit comfortably into most busy people’s work routines. It is very rare to have to place any more than a couple of bets on any given day and for the most part, the prices appear to be largely attainable – although, as these selections have the wind of strong stable confidence behind them, prices do contract and the returns at SP, as you would expect, are significantly lower.

Since our initial report, Personal Info have carried on in a pleasingly similar vein to much of the last 18 months. The highpoint of their recent returns was the period of 19th November 2008 – 13th December 2008. During this 24 day sequence, Personal Info recommended 17 selections at prices between 0.33 and 7.0. They racked up 13 winners (including eight consecutive winners) and one placed selection – losing on only three occasions and adding 58 points profit to their account.

That is exceptional tipping by any standard.

Naturally enough, no one could be expected to maintain these levels of return over the longer period and January has been a rare poor month for the service resulting in a loss of 12 points. However, Personal Info ended the proofing period with a winner – a 12pt win bet on Diamond Harry – and there is no reason to believe that the current downturn is anything other than a blip, a typical seasonal correction.

Like all racing services out there, Kevin Mather has found January a frustrating month from a punting perspective with numerous meetings cancelled due to wintry weather.

Indeed the tipster estimates that he missed out on ‘more than a dozen’ selections that he would otherwise have advised had their meetings not been abandoned. That seems completely consistent with the testimony of the other racing services we monitor at ProGambler and it is a comment I’d be happy to take on trust.

Since Diamond Harry won on Saturday to end the period contained in the latest stats, Personal Info have had two subsequent bets – both winners. Gone Hunting was a 7pt winner advised at 10/11, Den of Iniquity was a 2pt winner advised at 5/2. The results mean that Personal Info are on a run of seven winners from their last 10 selections advised and they are now on target to turn January into a break even/winning month after an unpromising start. Kevin Mather says it is the perfect example of Personal Info’s ‘Bouncebackability’. It certainly suggests that Personal Info will go into February in good form.

In summary then, I’d be happy to recommend Personal Info to patient, realistic clients looking for a steady and consistent profit from their membership with a minimal workload and attainable prices.

Exclusive ProGambler Membership Offer And Service Details:

Personal Info have agreed to offer a 15% discount to ProGambler subscribers on the fees listed below.

If paying online enter progambler in the promotional reference field when prompted. You should note the discount applied to the calcs in the order form.

Alternatively if you wish to pay by card over the phone, again simply tell them you wish to claim the progambler 15% discount.

Name of Service: Personal Info

Contact: Kevin Mather

Telephone: (01942) 707171 mobile: 0791 379 2678

Website address:

The Service In Brief:

PERSONAL INFO is a high class horseracing advisory Service run by a professional tipster.

What sports does the service cover: UK horseracing



3 Months £459 (£153 per Month pro rata)

6 Months £768 (£128 per Month pro rata)

12 Months £1,248 (£104 per Month pro rata)


The next 25 MAX BETS for £359

The next 50 MAX BET for £559

ALL MAX BETS for 12 Months for £659

Current ProGambler deal: Personal Info are offering a 15% reduction in fees for new members

(Quote the CODE: progambler in the ref box on the online application form or when calling by phone to take advantage of the discount).

Bet Frequency:

The MAINLINE will advise around 25-30 bets per month.

The MAX BETS are very occasional, sometimes they go 2 or 3 weeks without a selection.

How are messages delivered: Messages are delivered via an 0870 national call rate number or via a secure members area on the Personal Info site (or you can have both options). MAX BETS members receive text or email alerts because there can be two or three weeks between bets. However, because there are MAINLINE bets advised most days there is no real need for alerts on the MAINLINE service. Instead, clients are informed to either call or login each day from approx 1.15 pm in the summer months. This time will change during the winter.

What is the betting philosophy behind the service:

Basically there are two kinds of racing advisory services available, firstly, those that pass on insider information only and secondly, those that concentrate on their own stats and form study exclusively.

The PERSONAL INFO services, exist somewhere in between these models. According to Kevin Mather, the insider information that he receives from retained stable contacts, is initially used to sift through the days’ cards and compile a shortlist of races to focus on. The insider information allied to his own form and stats work gives him the added edge that his team need to make rewards long term. Working solely on short-listed races where they have the benefit of both a firm view and useful inside info they then bring their experience to bear to take a view on the value (or not) attached to their preferred selection before advising a bet to members.

Obviously, from time to time the Personal Info team receive positives about horses running against their selection and again, any decision on whether to bet (or not) will be considered in light of all the information at their disposal. In some cases they would then need to decide to either give that race a swerve or very occasionally they advise Dutching (backing multiple selections) in the race concerned to make best use of the info at their disposal.

Period Monitored: ProGambler have monitored Personal Info’s service results from 1st August 2007 – 26th January 2009.

They Say:

This is a link to the latest report on Personal Info’s own website:

If you intend to join don’t forget to save a few £ by quoting the discount code progambler.

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