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Punter Profits is a service we’ve been monitoring here at Progambler since December 2006 a period where it has shown to offer real value for money and good profits for its members. If you are looking to simply dip your toe in the water or add something new to your existing portfolio it is definitely worth thinking about.

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Of all the emails we regularly get concerning tipping services and offers, a large proportion concern systems-based betting and I know that many of you spend your spare time pursuing the holy grail of finding an easily applied betting method that will garner profits year after year.

Sadly, most systems don’t live up to the hype long-term – conditions change, flaws emerge and the winners dry up. As a result, anyone considering this kind of betting should confine their bets to pen and paper in the first instance and initiate a rigorous period of testing, preferably over many years.

And that’s where Punter Profits National Hunt Portfolio comes in.

Punter Profits is a web-based betting community committed to providing winning systems, advice and education for its paying subscribers.

Their NH Portfolio is the result of extensive membership brainstorming and research which started by back-checking data as far back as 1991 and continues today. The NH Portfolio is now approaching three full years of monitored profits.
What that means for punters is that Punter Profits now runs six cherry-picked National Hunt betting systems that have stood the test of time.

We have been monitoring the results since December 2006 and you can see the returns from each of their six systems summarised below:

National Hunt Portfolio BreakDown By System Since Dec 2006

SP SP Plus
System Bets Winners Strike Rate Profit POT Profit POT
A 221 104 47.1% 31 14.1% 42 19.2%
B 56 23 41.1% -2 -3.7% 1 1.6%
C 176 73 41.5% 7 4.2% 16 9.1%
D 253 87 34.4% 13 5.1% 27 10.8%
E 127 27 21.3% 59 46.8% 79 62.6%
F 101 45 44.6% 22 21.3% 28 28.0%
Total 934 359 38.4% 130 14.0% 194 20.8%

eg £13,000 net profit to £100 level stakes at StartingPrice.

Bet at SP Plus from Centrebet instead of starting price and that Profit would have jumped to £19,400

Pretty impressive results I am sure you would agree.

You can find out more about the Punter Profits NH Portfolio here: www.PunterProfits.com


Greg Gordon

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