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There is no doubt that for many of the highest profile tipster services out there this has been a tricky season.

Professionals claim that the Far East bookmakers, particularly at SBOBet, have now got their line setting down to a fine art in their win and especially Asian Handicap markets. And while UK bookmakers policy of  limiting stakes and restricting winning accounts, as they prefer instead their role as effectively bricks and mortar amusement arcade providers we are now in a situation where despite all the choice on offer, the real options feel quite limited for punters.

The result is it has never been harder to turn a long-term profit from backing teams to win either with or without a handicap start.

As such, it is probably time to revisit goals betting as an option and in particular a specialist over 2.5 goals service we work with

When it comes to choosing a tipping service there are a number of criteria that get cited as key indicators of potential performance and future profits.

Strike-rate of winning bets, length of winning and losing runs and headline profit figures will naturally all catch the eye of novice bettors looking for reassurance that said service can deliver on their investment of fees without too much heartache along the way.

Those of an experienced investment bent are more likely to value two key performance indicators above all others, namely: Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Capital (ROC).

The current fashion is to favour ROI, a calculation used to compare and contrast investments by calculating the amount of profit a company has made and then dividing that sum by the original cash invested.

Applied to your betting bank ROC refers to the total profit made divided by the amount of your original bank.

In short ROC measures the profitability of a service by focussing on its ability to grow a bank in such a way that you can reinvest winnings to increase future profits. Any ROC calculation depends on how passively or aggressively one stakes each selection. A high strike rate / high ROI approach will naturally lead to the potential to stake a higher percentage of bank per tip. Thus a single point profit will produce a higher % rise in the bank.

You can read more on return on investment here:

For a good racing tipster you might expect an ROI figure of anything between 15%-25%. A comparable football tipster will probably expect an 8%-15% return over a season.

On football betting an ROI of 10% over a season, for the very same reasons (low losing runs and a high winning strike rate), will likely achieve bank growth in excess of 100%.

No wonder smart punters claim: “ROI for show, ROC for dough.”

That brings us nicely to a service we work with here at and also a service that has overhauled its methods to excellent effect since the turn of the year.

Soccer Tip specialises exclusively in the over 2.5 goals markets and is run by a female maths graduate (Louise) who generates betting selections from her own maths modelling.



Firstly, let’s allow Louise to introduce herself:


“I am a woman, clearly. I am a working mother of two and a maths graduate.


“I can’t profess to be a football expert but what I do have though, is something that many so-called experts don’t have – a genuinely mathematical mind, and a degree to prove it. My profitable betting, which I now share with my subscribers, takes advantage of the maths-based match analysis methods I have developed for use in the football goals betting markets – specifically Over 2.5 match goals. These are popular markets where I can demonstrate a long term edge having refined my approach significantly over time.”


Louise grew up in a typical North East family, where the interest in betting was provided by the men of the household.


Her own interest in betting really crystallised in 2009 when some fun bets paved the way for a lucrative second income while she was studying for her maths degree.


Louise’s research quickly uncovered a quirk in the bookmakers’ goals pricing that she has been exploiting ever since.


As, you’d expect of a betting career of five years’ standing, Louise’s methods have been reconsidered and refined over time.


The current model she uses has returned some very encouraging results.


The data indicates a 57% strike rate at average odds of 1.92 over 450+ bets.


On that basis, you could expect to see a steady ROI that could be expected to sit between 8%-10% looking ahead.


These over now solely over 2.5 goals bets (Louise no longer bet under 2.5 goals markets or other goals markets).


This market has the additional advantage of having relatively short losing runs and draw-downs of betting capital and also the potential for higher stakes as this over goals market probably enjoys the greatest liquidity per match after the traditional 1×2 and dominant Asian Handicap line in each case.


Based on a sample of 450+ initial bets that underpins the current methodology we have seen the following returns:


Number of bets: 483

Winners: 278

Strike Rate: 57.6%

Average odds (decimal) 1.92

Profit to £100 per point: £6,659

POT % (advised stakes): 9.2%


I see no reason why now as a service long term results here will not fall roughly into line with long term figures.


Many people avoid the ‘different mindset’ style of betting solely on goals – it is a leap of faith to look at a game as a whole where the result, from a single team viewpoint, is less important than the overall shape of the game.


However, Louise believes there are a number of key advantages associated with betting on the number of goals in a game instead on match results.


She says: “Firstly, you only have two outcomes to deal with: your selections either win or lose depending on the number of goals scored in the game. If you have bet over 2.5 goals in a game (that is three goals or more to win your bet) there are no last minute equalisers to confound you as there regularly are when you back a conventional win bet.”


Betting on over 2.5 goals in a game is a strictly binary proposition – win or lose – and once you have won, by achieving your objective in the match you’ve selected, you’ve won. There is no opportunity for victory to be snatched from you as your team’s opponents rally and come back to win the game after falling behind.


Secondly, it doesn’t matter who scores the goals. Whether you favour the strong home team to rack up a cricket score or expect the unfancied underdog to pull off a surprise, if you have bet on more than 2.5 goals in a game, then every goal scored is working in your favour until you get the required three goals you need.


With the over 2.5 goals bet paid out as a winner as soon as a third goal is scored, regardless of the time elapsed on the clock in the match, winning on goals can often be pleasantly stress free if you pick the right games. Other matches will, by necessity, go right to the wire, ensuring you are cheering on both sides to score right up until the final whistle.


We would consider that this service is suitable for three main types of client:


1. People who are new to betting and would like a gentle and profitable introduction to what can be a lucrative hobby, a second income and in some cases a first income for some people.


2. Punters looking for a reliable and steady addition to their existing portfolio of betting tipsters and systems that they currently use.


3. Anyone who is looking for a tipster they can trust, someone whose qualities, mindset and style of betting are a little bit different to the disreputable stereotypes of this unfortunately macho industry. Louise says: “Other women and people new to betting will definitely get a lot from my service. Those longer in the tooth betting-wise will hopefully view it immediately for what it is – a refreshing antidote to the norm.”


In the currently uncertain climate for betting on football selectively and successfully betting on goals may be the neatest way to circumvent some otherwise slippery structural issues with football generally and football betting specifically at this time.


Consider the variable quality and motivation in matches, the increasingly super-accurate pricing in the win markets and the simple fact of economics in a game where, despite preconceptions, the majority of professional players are poorly paid relative to their lifelong commitment to their sport and also the fragile nature of football’s current career structure.


Perhaps goals betting is the antidote for it gives punters the luxury of working with a lesser set of variables. If you can consistently find open, attacking games played at a high tempo between teams that both carry a goal threat then it follows that you should find games with three goals or more on an extremely regular basis.


Louise says: “I think one of the key things is the difference in mindset dependent on whether you are betting to be entertained or to make money. If you want to make money you need to specialise in a niche where you can demonstrate an ongoing betting edge and you need the discipline and self belief to follow your plans through successfully.


“I consider myself to be both responsible and relatively risk averse. There are other styles of betting that promise better returns potentially than mine – such as horseracing for example. However, the carrot of greater returns inevitably comes with the not insignificant stick of long losing runs (racing tipsters, even good ones, can typically rack up losing runs of 14, 15, even more selections between their not insubstantial winners).”


That is a style of betting that puts a strain on clients both financially (in terms of the required depth of their pockets) and also psychologically as the emotional toll of long losing runs of bets cannot be downplayed.


If you are in the market for a steady, easy to follow, no frills service then we’d say that is definitely worth a look.


Especially so, with the current no risk offer of a £1 trial.







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